That’s what I love about is.

Easily distracted? Or quick to respond to a new idea?

Only January and I have already headed off down a side street.

So what was on the business plan for 2018?

Well what I can say is what wasn’t on the business plan…and that was to start a separate kidswear brand..yep, idle hands and all that. Just a quiet day in the studio in Berwick and my mind skipped gaily through the stats from websites looking at the hits and visit and pondering the contradiction between the media reports that folks looking to buy good quality kidswear is on the rise versus my reports saying ZERO visits to my baby wear and kidswear items on Etsy.

Teetering on the edge of kidswear, which perhaps is overdue but as it was the main reason I started designing clothing there is a reluctance to let go of its hand, therefore, I decided to give it one last go..but to do this I needed it to stand alone and ask for its own love, looking for some reassurance that it is worth pursuing.

I had already made the decision to not include the kidswear and babywear on my new website and to close this “department” for good, but not one for giving up on something before I have given it one last “try” ..a slow afternoon in the studio saw the birth of “Evan and Elle Kidswear”.

So if you interested in seeing how this evolves (or not) follow us on Twitter at @EvanElleKidwear.

Anyone for a game of chase?

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