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Before ordering, check which size is the best fit for your child’s measurements – remember, we are all evolving differently. Its simple – measure your child and check the measurements against the body measurements in the sizing charts shown below.

How to measure

Height – Measure from the top of head to the ground (without shoes). Head – Measure around the fullest part of the head. Chest – Measure around the fullest part of the chest. Waist – Measure the natural waistline, just above the hip bone. Hips – Measure around the fullest part of the seat. Overarm – Measure from the centre back neck down the arm to wrist. Please note that the age groups are just a guide. It is more important you choose the size against the actual measurements of your child as kids are known to have a few growth spurts over the year. Slim fit tshirts are for kids who enjoy a snug fit with a longer length. Great for under shirts, hoodies and jumpers. Standard fit will allow more movement and will enjoy being worn over a long sleeved top but will also fit under your favourite tops. It is a matter of preference and purpose.

Size charts

Body MeasurementsHatsSocks
0-3mup to 60 cm up to 23½”up to 42 cm up to 16½”up to 39 cm up to 15½”up to 6 kg up to 13 lb45 cm
3-6m60-68 cm 23½-27″42-46 cm 16½-18″39-43 cm 15½-17″6-8 kg 13-17½ lb17½”
6-12m68-76 cm 27-30″46-48 cm 18-19″43-44 cm 17-17½”8-10 kg 17½-22 lb48 cm0-2½ (UK) –
12-18m76-83 cm 30-32½”48-50 cm 19-19½”44-46 cm 17½-18″10-12kg 22-26½ lb51 cm3-5½ (UK) 19-22 (Cont.)
18-24m83-90 cm 32½-35½”50-52 cm 19½-20½”46-48 cm 18-19″12-14 kg 26½-31 lb20″
2-3y90-98 cm 35½-38½”52-54 cm 20½-21½”48-50 cm 19-19½”52 cm6-8½ (UK) 23-26 (Cont.)


Body Measurements(Single Sizes)
Height83 cm90 cm98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm122 cm128 cm134 cm140 cm146 cm152 cm
Waist46 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm53.5 cm55 cm56.5 cm58 cm60 cm62 cm64 cm65 cm
Hip76 cm78 cm80 cm


1½-2yup to 90 cmup to 52 cmup to 48 cm3-5½ (UK)
up to 35½”up to 20½”up to 19″19-22 (Cont.)
2-3y90-98 cm52-54 cm48-50 cm52.5 cm55 cm6-8½ (UK)
35½-38½”20½-21½”19-19½”20½”21½”23-26 (Cont.)
3-4y98-104 cm54-56 cm50-52 cm
4-5y104-110 cm56-58 cm52-53.5 cm9-12 (UK)
41-43½”22-23″20½-21″27-30 (Cont.)
5-6y110-116 cm58-60 cm53.5-55 cm
6-7Y116-122 cm60-62 cm55-56.5 cm54 cm62 cm12½-3½ (UK)
45½-48″23½-24½”21½-22″21″24½”31-36 (Cont.)
7-8y122-128 cm62-64 cm56.5-58 cm
9-10y128-140 cm64-69 cm58-62 cm72-76 cm
11-12y140-152 cm69-78 cm62-65 cm76-80 cm55 cmGirls:Girls: 4-5½ (UK)
55-60″27-30½”24½-25½”30-31½”21½”67 cm/26½”37-38½ (Cont.)
Boys:Boys: 4-6½ (UK)
72 cm/28″37-39½ (Cont


Bust: cmup to 8282-8687-9091-9495-99100-104105-110111-116117-123
Chest “up to 3232-33½34-35½36-3737½-3939½-4141½-4343½-45½46-48
Waist cmup to 6464-6869-7273-7677-8182-8788-9394-99100-105
Waist “up to 2525-26½27-2828½-3030½-3232½-3434½-36½37-3939½-41½
Hip cmup to 8585-8990-9495-99100-104105-110111-116117-122123-128
Hip “up to 33½33½-3535½-3737½-3939½-4141½-4343½-45½46-4848½-50½


Shirts, Casual Tops & Outerwear
To fit chest33″- 35″36″- 38″39″- 41″42″- 44″45″- 47″48″- 50″

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