Cloth #18 - An exhibition of textile talent.


PRESS RELEASE: 22 July 2018

We Are Rushworth are excited to be included in inaugural line-up of textiles talent for CLOTH#18 at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

A cohort of 23 textile designers and makers have been announced ahead of CLOTH18, the first curated selling event of its kind in Scotland. The landmark exhibition will take place at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh over the weekend of 18th and 19th August 2018.

CLOTH18 is dedicated to raising the profile of independent textiles artists from across the UK, whilst celebrating the dynamic industry in which they work. Invited to take part by event organiser James Donald, the event will provide a much needed platform for artists working in a variety of disciplines and at at different stages in their careers. It’s also an opportunity for members of the public to buy handmade, one-of-a-kind items.

Craft enthusiasts and shoppers will see a carnival of colour and cloth including work by Victoria Rushworth, who designs knitwear, made in Scotland for him and her using natural yarns including Lambswool, Merino and Cashmere. Victoria’s designs are reflective of her travels, childhood memories and occasionally include illustrations by friends and family. She also believes in the therapeutic experience of being wrapped in natural fibres.

The event is the brainchild of weaver James Donald. A prolific figure in the Scottish craft sector, Donald has a weaving studio in Coburg House Studios Leith and co- owns Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street with textile designer Fiona McIntosh. He has curated and produced the event, with plans already confirmed for a further two events at the Dovecot in 2019 and 2020.

James Donald comments: “After growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of selling events or strategic promotion for textile artists, I decided to create CLOTH18. Not only is it the first event of its kind in Scotland, but it is also self-funded, which is still uncommon for a show of this size. CLOTH18 is a mini-festival of textiles where the public can buy beautifully made items for themselves and their homes. We’ve had lots of excitement about it from the public on social media already and artists have contacted us to sign up for next year.”

Items for sale will include accessories, menswear, womenswear, crochet, digital print, embroidery, knit, objects, print, stitch, upholstery and weave, across a variety of price points.


For enquiries and interviews, please contact: Emma Walker on +44 (0)7595 535 136 or email

The CLOTH18 textile artists / makers are:

Catherine Aitken

Kerrie Aldo

Cally Booker

Lorna Brown

Mairi Brown

fa leth cloth (Beanie Cathro)

Mimi Hammill

Lost in the Woods

Laura McEwan

Katherine MacKay

Terry Macy

Ruth Morris

Collingwood Norris


Helen Ruth

Judy Scott


Lesley Thornton (Crimson Textiles)


Warped Textiles

We are Rushworth

Michael Wolchover

Wooly Originals

Cloth #18 - An exhibition of textile talent.



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