People ask frequently where I find my fashion inspiration and I find it difficult to pinpoint specific things. It’s all about what I feel and like and that comes from favourite childhood memories and travels. It’s the newness of an experience when senses are at their most heightened and minds open to colour, noise and smell. Searching for patterns amongst chaos.

One of my favourite cities is Amsterdam. I mean who doesn’t love the spectrum of experiences it has to offer from Culture to Coffee, Cannabis and Canoodling? As a designer it’s impossible not to find fashion inspiration in some way, shape or form.

My favourite all time area to stay and eat is in the trendy Amsterdam Oud-West district, specifically at the converted industrial building, De Hallen Amsterdam.

De Hallen is a converted Tram Works on Amsterdam’s Kinkerstraat, which lends its fabulous high ceilings and oversized doors to a converge of food, film, fashion, crafts, retail and architecture.

Fashion inspiration - Rushworth meets Amsterdam

“Recycle is a bicycle shop and workshop where people with a psychiatric background find their way back to work, accompanied by technical professionals. Recycle is the place where you can go for bicycle repairs, special accessories and restoration of classic (old) bikes.

Find out more here at the Recycle website.

Keeping in with the theme of recycle and responsibly designing there is also a Denim city which is a collaborative design and development enterprise. It includes a workshop training centre, denim archive and an expert laundry laboratory – an ideal place for fashion inspiration.

Along with many top industry denim labels such as G-Star, Calvin Klein, Pepe jeans and Tommy Hilfiger, this Denim programme is working towards making the denim manufacturing processes cleaner, more sustainable and thus reducing the environmental impact.

Denim City HQ - a place to find fashion inspiration

At the weekends within the main concourse there are crafters markets and vintage markets selling designer vintage clothing. If you’re looking for new fashion inspiration a good place to start is with the old.

Fashion inspiration - Rushworth meets Amsterdam

This fabulous converted Tram works, also houses a 9 screen independent cinema complex which includes a Parisien Room with authentic art deco interior taken from one of the oldest film theatres in Amsterdam. Head to Filmhallen to find out whats on.

There is also a public library and a boutique hotel all within the same converted building. The hotel is pretty cool with a foyer filled with vintage interiors and clothing all available to buy. Check availability and prices here for Hotel De Hallen.

Fashion inspiration - Rushworth meets Amsterdam

If you are on a budget I can’t recommend highly enough The City Hub which is in Pizza throwing distance from De Hallen. See here for details of The City Hub.

Fashion inspiration - Rushworth meets Amsterdam

Things I like and Things I love about Amsterdam………independent shops, architecture, museums, canals, floral displays and bicycles…….are a few of my favourite things.

Places to find fashion inspiration

Last, but not least, you can find our Amsterdam inspired hat on our website. Lambswool “Amsterdam” bobble hat for the outdoor cafe culture we love in European cities.

Fashion inspiration - Rushworth meets Amsterdam

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