Getting fashion design ideas from magazines

I am a fashion designer, so most weeks I wander into my local newsagents and buy a few fashion magazines. Then I take them into the cafe next door and succumb to them in the search for inspiration. Getting fashion design ideas from magazines? Yes, this is work. In fact, they are a less expensive paper substitute for a creative assistant.

I tend to lunge over the usual immense collection of “how to use your Mac” mags and snatch a couple of interesting ones from the top shelf, which is not what it used to be, thankfully!

Where to turn for fashion design ideas?

This week I chose three magazines to help with fashion design ideas.

1. Getting fashion design ideas from Vogue

The usual glossy which I never actually read but flick through to get a sense of trends and colours.

My other two choices were not ones I had purchased before but that is the point after all.

2. Design inspiration from Pretty Nostalgic

A magazine with a vintage look, feel and shape and a stamped style logo imploring me to ‘spend wisely, waste less, appreciate more’, I grabbed this in the hope that these splendidly wise words would rub off on me as I flicked through it

3. Captivating photography in G3

A more contemporary look publication, with the usual gorgeous gal on the front, and which appeared to have some interesting articles.

Settled into the coffee den with caffeine shot and reading materials I began my hunt for design ideas for the months ahead.

Did the magazines help with getting fashion design ideas?

Vogue was no surprise with its high gloss, airbrushed look, its tittle tattle articles about the latest boy band and what they eat for breakfast. The confident use of words telling you what you MUST wear this season. When it comes to getting fashion design ideas from magazines, Vogue is best just for judging this seasons colours and trends.

Pretty Nostalgic had articles on taxidermy, foraged terrariums and sweet making. So I went from IT girl to Country squires wife. I wondered how relevant this one was for me personally? I can think of some of my friends who would love to read this and give the sweet making and perhaps taxidermy a go… however, you never know when and where fashion design inspiration will strike!

I read G3 from front to back, enjoying every article. There were no signs of a scratch card or other loose advertising material falling from it forcing me to scrabble around on the floor. The photography was captivating, believable and uncomplicated. I found the articles interesting and relatable. Some very cool women talking about their careers as club owners, RAF medics, singers, song writers and personal trainers. I very rarely read all the articles in a magazine or newspaper, but this was an exception. Maybe not so good for getting fashion design ideas, but very interesting none the same.

I flicked back to the cover to check its handle and noticed the no nonsense text in the corner which said “for the not-so-straight woman”.

It just goes to show that in the search for some fashion design revelation amongst the magazines this week, I was surprised how they told me something quite incisive about myself. That is, I am not-so-straight, I would also like to add that I am not-so-glossy or not-so-earth-mother.

Exactly what is a “terrarium” anyway?

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