Why you need a Merino wool wrap

I rarely go out in summer without my merino wool wrap as it is such a versatile garment.

Most of us attend some sort of outdoor entertainment throughout the summer. When this happens one thing is for sure, here in the UK we have to be prepared for all weathers. So whether it be BBC Radio 2 Hyde park, Regents Park outdoor theatre or Reading festival, make sure your festival pack includes a merino wool wrap.

Why merino wool?

Merino sheep in New Zealand have evolved over thousands of years to survive in extremes of heat and cold. Temperatures varying from over 30 degrees c in the summer to -15 or colder in winter. Making this wool a good insulator but with good breathability and moisture absorption properties. These clever fibres are not only hypoallergenic, but also have inbuilt UV protection giving you another layer of protection from the sun. Merino wool, without doubt, produces a soft and comfortable garment. That’s one of the reasons why you should consider a merino wool wrap this summer.

Our recent family holiday found us at the annual jazz and blues festival in the beautiful historic french town of Cognac where we could be spotted aptly being hugged in our “blues Poppy wrap”. The poppy itself was sketched from a previous visit through southern France and using the knitwear technique of “intarsia” it could be knitted into these soft, merino wool wraps.

We are inspired by stuff around us.

Knitted in the Scottish Borders.

Limited edition merino wool wraps

You can buy one of the following limited edition merino wool wraps here directly from our store – just click on one of the photos below:

Merino wool wrap - Blues
Merino wool wrap - Black & Red

The perfect fashion accessory for this summer – the merino wool wrap. It’s versatile, a good insulator, highly breathable and has great moisture absorption properties.

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