Otherwise, affectionally, known as PV, this is a biannual fabric trend show held over 3 days in the Exhibition Centre at the Parc des Expositions, Paris.

It all started way back when Pink Floyd released “the dark side of the moon”,VAT came into effect in the UK, The Princess Royal became engaged to Mark Phillips, the Cold War was in full swing, the fashion store BIBA reopened on Kensington High Street and 15 weavers from Lyon came together to present their fabrics at the International Textile Centre in Paris. 1973 to be precise. As of 2018 it has grown into a show divided into 6 sections: Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Design, Accessories and Manufacturing, comprising of 770 exhibitors. It showcases new designs, developments and technologies across all 6 areas which are indicators of the trends 18 months in advance.

My 3rd visit to PV started on the morning of 14th Feb after a Simple Minds concert at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, so with “Alive and Kicking” still ringing in my ears I headed to the airport to catch a flight to CDG Paris. Arriving at the show early afternoon, alive, but perhaps not so much “kicking”. The aim was to check out the wares on display in each section, albeit more in a supermarket sweep fashion than a sedate browse. According to my fitbit I walked over 10km that afternoon with my comfortable shoes and bottle of water in hand, scanning and scribbling notes on the go.Photography is generally forbidden of the fabrics, presentations and exhibitions. The security bods are très vigilant and frequently seen to be asking people to delete their photos.

Having squeezed as much out of the afternoon in terms of processing and downloading mentally what was on offer across the hall I headed to my Hotel for a quick changeover before my Valentines date! Yep, you can’t go to Paris on Valentines day and eat alone…so thankfully, my favourite all time kiwi, Stephanie, who like me, has been married (happily) for over 2 decades and “has no truck/troque” with that Valentines baloney, was keen to meet for a catch up.

If you are interested, I stayed in the 3rd arrondissement (Le Marais) at Hotel Les Tournelles , nearest Metro – Chemin Vert or St Paul.

Steph and I had aperos at “Le Bistrot à deux têtes” and then ate across the road at “Cafe Le Baron”, 9th arrondissement, nearest Metro – Le Peletier or Cadet.

The following morning I headed back to PV to sit in on the Trend Tasting seminar for Spring/Summer 2019 before heading to the airport. The seminar lasts approx 45 minutes and is in French, however, there are headphones available for translation into English.

I am not going to bore you with a summary of the presentation …other than to reassure you all that most things are still it, stripes, spots, flowers or geometric patterns.

The opening phrase on the information booklet being..
“Spring summer 19 delicately opens the way to new horizons. The urge for exploration spurs poetic and technological flowering. A contagious optimism blossoms and encourages forthright “

For me the most interesting section of the show is the “wearable lab” where you can check out the emerging technologies being applied to science bit. This exciting area showcases developments such as garments which light up, thermo regulated fibres, intelligent temperature control systems, leather accessories able to charge a smartphone with or without a wire, products which include chips to help the fight against counterfeiting, fibres which include anti-bacterial and deodorant effect, UV protection and anti- mite and bug barriers and so is exciting and genuinely innovative stuff.

There was also a great little corner where artist Eugène Riconneaus has collaborated with DR MARTENS and the outcome of this was on display. Just added those kick ass boots to my wish list…..

Of course there is a large ever increasing trend of the sustainable fashion and recycled and recyclable products, this important trend was evident and a large increase in companies displaying this as one of their USPs. Responsible designing.

To summarise the season as a whole the human hand is ever more important now with positive creative processes with take time and are eco responsible as well as explorative.

My personal take in terms of ideas for design directions for 2019 are as follows :

Fabrics – Insects, flowers & check, safari animals, travel diaries, composite dots, stripes on denim, pointillism, stippled effect, delicate drawings,
Women – Baggy suits – accentuated shoulders and waists, unisex suit, 80’s powers suit.
Men – Long frock coat style, large soled shoes, shorter trousers.
Kids – Prints of surprisingly imagined animals.
Accessories – disrupt the silhouette, sneakers with dynamic soles.

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