Penguin Design Lambswool Blanket – pale blue and Yellow

£329.17 £165.83


Our new penguin design blankets knitted in the Scottish Borders are the perfect gift for that person in your life who loves to be hugged in soft wool.

We took a sketch and using a jacquard knitting technique we put art into cloth. Penguins or puffins, you decide. Cute though.
Birdseye pattern on reverse.

These incredibly soft 100% lambswool blanket wraps are ideal for both cold and warm climates.
The natural fibres allow breathability in the warmer summer evenings but will ensure the warm air is trapped to keep you warm.

Size: 130cm x 180cm. These penguin blankets fit over a single bed or draped over a sofa. Ideal for taking on journeys as they can be worn a as large wrap for travel comfort.
Art by We Are Rushworth.
Colours: black, grey and red

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