We Are Rushworth, a Clothing Label for triers and doers

Does WAR have a place at Scotland’s Trade Fair?

SECC, Glasgow 21st to 23rd January. It has been said that you should stick at an event for at least 3 years before seeing the benefits and possibly even receiving an order. Why this trade fair? It made sense to try this event for the following reasons: My knitwear is...

Off track and it’s only January?

That’s what I love about is. Easily distracted? Or quick to respond to a new idea? Only January and I have already headed off down a side street. So what was on the business plan for 2018? Well what I can say is what wasn’t on the business plan…and...

Why Cashmere?

Now, before I mention a few interesting (I hope) facts about Cashmere, please note that I am no expert but, delving back into my Raw Material notes from university, I can hopefully do my bit for this beautiful material and help you appreciate its journey, thereby...

Project WAR

The mission to relocate my work space from home to somewhere else came when I realised I had spread myself across 3 rooms which seemed a tad disorganised! I looked at many potential studio places. Some rural, some city based, some shared but the cost of moving in was...

The joys of factory auditing

The recent news that a factory in Turkey was found to be using Syrian children to manufacture garments for UK retailers saddened me and had me reminiscing over my factory auditing days. Good, Bad and Ugly. I have to say, I had mixed feelings about this part of my job,...

When in Florence

Eat, drink, eat, drink, smoke…maybe? The rarity of the ashtray these days in the U.K. made me find the arrival of this near extinct item an odd accompaniment to the wine and nibbles I ordered while on a rooftop bar in Firenze with my 16 year old daughter Morven. As an...

Our story

We are sharp.

We like to find our own way.

We have imagination. We appreciate effort.

We are not perfect.

We are aiming high.

We are Rushworth… Are you?

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