Eat, drink, eat, drink, smoke…maybe?

The rarity of the ashtray these days in the U.K. made me find the arrival of this near extinct item an odd accompaniment to the wine and nibbles I ordered while on a rooftop bar in Firenze with my 16 year old daughter Morven.

As an ex smoker I remember the “bad” ole days when ashtrays were the norm and the coolest of designs were an item for the wedding list..for sure. It was nostalgic to see it back and I appreciated the gesture as an honest, unsaid, “welcome and have a smoke if you want”

I asked M what she thought about the arrival of an ashtray….

Her answer, without a moments pause was “well it’s really bad for you”.

I slurped my wine, stuffed some more crisps and mini arancini in my mouth and thought..yeh that’s the answer I would have given too at that age while power dragging on my Marlboro Red out of the hotel window at every opportunity away from parents.

As it happens the ashtray remained untouched but the wine, crisps, salted nuts, mini sandwiches, cold mini pasta was demolished, and thereby I left the bar “healthier”.

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